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A reason to celebrate: 1 year pax-investify

Published: 14.01.2020 | By investify

A good reason to celebrate: In December 2018, investify and the Cologne-based Pax-Bank launched their joint securities investment under the joint brand pax-investify (www.pax-investify.de). Since then, customers of the new brand have benefited from advanced asset management with an ethical/sustainable focus online and in the branches of Pax-Bank. Dr. Klaus Schraudner, Chairman of the Board of Pax-Bank, expresses his satisfaction with what has been created together with investify in recent months. Dr. Klaus Schraudner, Chairman of the Board of Pax-Bank, is very pleased with what has been achieved together with investify in recent months.

We are proud to be one of the first banks in Germany to offer our clients a product that is both innovative and ethical/sustainable. Such performance features are increasingly in demand in asset management - which of course makes us particularly happy as Pax- Bank. pax-investify addresses the needs of more and more people in Germany. In investify TECH we have found an excellent and trustworthy partner who understands our high demands and has been able to transform them into an innovative service for our clients. The modular platform of investify TECH provides an excellent basis for us.

Dr. Klaus Schraudner
Chairman of the Board of Pax Bank

Within the framework of the cooperation, both partners contribute their core competencies. Dr Harald Brock from investify’s management sees this as a prime example for the entire financial sector.

As part of the cooperation, investify TECH contributes the necessary platform and regulatory structures for the joint asset management. This means that all digital and regulatory processes run entirely via the investify TECH platform. Pax-Bank can thus fully concentrate on its core competence, ethical/sustainable asset management.

Dr. Harald Brock
Executive Manager/Managing Director at investify TECH

investify is convinced that such partnerships and value creation structures are becoming increasingly important in the age of growing regulation and digitalisation in the financial sector. pax-investify is a prime example of how banks and FinTechs can jointly enrich the market and create sustainable customer benefits.

The ethically-sustainable asset management strategies of Pax Bank, the so-called basic investments, each consist of 10 – 15 funds that take explicitly defined sustainability criteria into account. In each strategy, a very broad risk diversification across different asset classes, regions, sectors and more than 1,000 individual securities is achieved through the combination of different funds. The strategy of participating in the opportunities of the markets in a risk-controlled manner can thus be implemented very well for the client.

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Over the course of time, the two partners have continued to expand the scope of services offered by pax-investify and adapted it to the needs of their customers. Recently, for example, customers have also had the option of having themselves legitimised directly in the branches of the Pax Bank by the advisors. This means that customers who do not want a purely online product can also easily enjoy the services of pax-investify. According to Dr Klaus Schraudner, this option is very well received by both advisors and clients.

The online offer has now become a true hybrid service with investify TECH, which takes into account the needs of all customer groups. Another advantage of the branch offer is that customers can discuss their questions about pax-investify directly with the advisors on site.

Dr. Klaus Schraudner
Chairman of the Board of Pax Bank