Only a strong package leads to the goal

By conviction, we digitalise asset management from start to finish and put an end to patchwork

Your discerning clients want first-class personal support, comprehensible counselling sessions and outstanding digital processes. To achieve this, your internal processes must also be designed efficiently. We are firmly convinced that this can only succeed if all the components of asset management come from a single source. With our one-stop approach, we therefore deliberately put an end to interface problems and expensive piecemeal work! #HybridOneStop

Hybrid onboardings
and legitimation

Advisor and client
portals incl. app

Back office and

Wealth engine incl.
portfolio management system


Smart automated


Our platform: Swiftly implemented – easy to use

A practical report by M.M. Warburg

Maximum customisability

We transport your unique selling propositions and investment philosophy into hybrid asset management

Our B2B partners work with us because we develop solutions that integrate the corporate DNA within the entire value chain. In doing so, we build a highly customisable wealth management platform. The result: easily implemented solutions for personal customer care in the digital age.


  • Frontend designs
  • Asset management and portfolios
  • Advisory tools and simulations
  • Pricing structures
  • Entry volume
  • Reporting, documents and sales reports
  • etc.

More than just innovative technology

We make your daily business easier

Increasing regulation, daily operations, but also settlements etc. are important topics that normally burden operations, are time-consuming and cause high costs. Our solutions simply take this burden off you and improve compliance at the same time.

We take care of mandatory regulatory tasks

  • Adaptation to current regulatory requirements
  • Ordering and order controls
  • Monitoring of loss thresholds
  • Monitoring of investment guidelines
  • Monitoring of the portfolio structure
  • Reporting (quarterly and costs)
  • etc.


We take care of the daily operation

  • Fully automated opening of portfolios
  • Daily management of portfolios incl. rebalancing
  • Free further development of your solution
  • etc.

We take care of the complete settlements

  • Customer statements
  • Fee collections
  • Billing of affiliated sales units
  • etc.

To the point

We put an end to boring reports

Customers are placing more and more value on design and clarity. That is why we build and generate individual reports for you which can be seen by your demanding clientele. MiFID compliance guaranteed!

Flexible asset management

Decide how the portfolios are constructed

If your core competence is asset management, then we simply implement your model portfolios. You don’t have any competencies here? No problem! Then simply use our marketplace, for example, and access the best asset allocations on the market.

Portfolio construction

  • Option 1: Use your excellent model portfolios on our platform
  • Option 2: Use our marketplace and access the model portfolios of renowned asset managers (e.g., DJE, BlackRock)

Product classes

  • Shares
  • ETFs
  • Bonds
  • Funds
  • Certificates
  • Illiquid products


  • Coverage of sustainability requirements
    (ESG, SDG, Look Through etc.)
  • Optional core satellite approach
  • Fitting algorithms for easy portfolio individualisation


Project experience best in class

For years, we have been working with numerous sustainability banks such as the SozialBank, Triodos Bank or Pax Bank. We have built a wealth of experience that has been incorporated into our innovative platform. All our clients benefit from this.

  • Sustainability-compliant target market conception
  • Suitability documentation

Modular wealth management

Portfolios with a personal touch

The megatrend of individualisation is making its way into asset management. This allows clients to give their investment strategy a very personal touch and still leave portfolio management to the capital market experts.

Norbert Wulf (Editor) | 21.02.2022 | With statements from Dr. Harald Brock (Managing Director investify TECH)

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Case study

investify TECH sets up asset management for largest sustainability bank in Europe

Together with Triodos Bank, investify TECH has developed a robo with special sustainability requirements. With the Triodos Impact Portfolio, the bank with Dutch roots can now position itself even more strongly in the securities business and thus make an attractive sustainable offering to experienced and inexperienced customers alike.

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