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Digitalisation enabler for banks and asset managers

Published: 11.05.2020 | By investify

The company investify, with its locations in Cologne and Luxembourg, is probably known and familiar to many as a robo-advisor. However, this has changed somewhat in the meantime and investify has realigned its business strategy: From a B2C robo-advisor to a B2B provider. Following the restructuring of the company, investify acts as a digitalisation enabler for banks and asset managers. Nevertheless, investify continues to offer its robo service in full. Harald Brock, managing director at investify, and Patrick Maurenbrecher, managing partner at Hamburg-based family office Kontora, which sits on investify’s board of directors as an investor, talk to Fundview about the reasons for this change.

“The need for digitalisation within the financial sector is very great. That’s why, as an investor in investify, we supported the strategy of developing investify from a robo-advisor in the B2C sector to a B2B provider on the board of directors and in exchange with the investify management. investify is thus acting as a digitalisation enabler for banks and asset managers,” says Maurenbrecher and Brock adds: “We now see ourselves as a tech provider for the financial sector and also contribute our experience in the regulatory area for our clients here – both aspects are becoming increasingly important throughout the industry.”