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Former private bankers from Bankhaus August Lenz cooperate with investify TECH

Published: 26.01.2021 | By investify

The news hit like a bombshell last summer: the Munich-based bank August Lenz announced that it was giving up its private client business and thus also laying off almost 40 advisors. This was preceded by the strategic decision of the parent company Banca Mediolanum S.p.A. to withdraw from the German market.

Dr. Harald Brock, one of the managing directors of investify TECH, is now pleased to announce that former Bankhaus Lenz private bankers are relying on investify TECH’s technology and regulatory platform. “For us, it is a success – but also a clear signal that our platform is being used here in particular. We are thus showing the market that we can also provide extremely competitive solutions for smaller units that fit into the currently difficult private banking market environment – we manage to keep the securities business attractive. Thanks to our platform, we can bring back the efficiency and customer focus that the market has lost over the last decade due to a lack of digitalisation and a lack of good regulatory solutions.”

The decisive factor in choosing investify TECH was that private banking advisors can concentrate fully on providing high-quality personal advice and are not burdened by old-fashioned processes and growing mountains of paper. investify TECH has significantly expanded its range of services in recent months and adapted it to the specific needs of private banks and asset managers. Personal advice has moved to centre stage. Numerous institutions now rely on the innovative technology and regulatory platform. It is precisely the platform approach that makes the investify TECH solution usable and affordable for every provider in the market – completely independent of their company size. Specifically, investify TECH can serve all B2B partners – from major banks to consultant pools – with the same high quality.

The newly acquired former Lenz private bankers operate under the name CorFactum Financial Service. Sven M. Schäffner, one of the managing directors of CorFactum, explains: “With the help of investify TECH, we can not only run the securities business efficiently, but also smartly – just as customers demand from a quality provider like us today. Of course, especially now, in times of the pandemic, this includes designing all processes in such a way that clients can also have the private banking experience from home. We know both worlds – it’s impressive how easy the securities business can be today.” The advisors of CorFactum Financial Service continue the history of Bankhaus Lenz and position themselves as personal contacts in the area of high net worth clients.

About CorFactum Financial Service

With around 15 years of experience in private banking, Sven M. Schäffner and Sonja-Verena Müller have created the sound basis for operating independently of banks in the field of asset management and investment advice with an experienced team of advisors.
Under the CorFactum Group, the two subsidiaries CorFactum Private and CorFactum Financial Service place the highest value on security in wealth management and focus on a trusting, long-term client relationship. This is also reflected in the name of the company founded in 2020: the Latin word “cor” for “heart”, continued in the English term “core”, is intended to express that the dedicated and experienced team of advisors deals with the core of a client’s concern. The Latin word “factum” in the company name stands for deed, action or work and expresses the company’s goal of creating real added value for clients through reliable deeds.

CorFactum Financial Service’s cooperation with investify TECH offers clients the service of attractive asset management and shows that personal support can be reconciled with modern investment solutions.