B2B cooperations

International Bankhaus Bodensee AG cooperates with investify TECH

Published: 17.07.2020 | By investify

The Luxembourg-German technology and regulatory provider investify and Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG (IBB) have jointly established a state-of-the-art asset management service for private banking. The private bank is majority-owned by the renowned Würth Group. Würth is one of the largest non-listed companies in Germany.

As a specialised niche bank, Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG has been active exclusively in the advisory-intensive areas of private banking, corporate clients, sports receivables financing and commercial real estate clients since its foundation. This clear focus on special business areas makes it possible to respond to the requirements of customers in a concentrated manner and without distractions, and to offer a special service.

„We are very proud that we can set new standards in asset management together with IBB. With our technology and regulatory platform, we provide an excellent technical basis for IBB and minimise the bank's regulatory burdens and costs through business process outsourcing. This solution approach is absolutely forward-looking and is therefore increasingly in demand. Because we make it possible for the bank to concentrate fully on its core competencies.“

Ansgar Wigger
Managing director at investify S.A.

The new asset management is characterised by a particularly high degree of customer orientation. For example, all relevant processes are hybrid, as Dr. Harald Brock, also a member of the management board of investify S.A., emphasises: “The Corona crisis has once again emphatically shown that omnichannel capabilities are an absolute must for all customer groups. IBB recognised this very early on and created solutions with us. The bank’s demanding clientele can handle all relevant sales and settlement processes in the bank’s branches, but from now on also conveniently from home. This option is a real asset for the advisors and their customers.“

IBB is also very pleased with the partnership and is looking forward to the added value that it can now offer its discerning customers. Andreas Falger, Head of Private Banking at IBB, makes it clear:

„Thanks to state-of-the-art technology, we can concentrate fully on highly qualified client advice and on the newly established portfolio management in Private Banking. Together with investify, we show that digitalisation and personal advice belong together. On top of that, modern customer reports and apps make financial services an interesting customer experience every day anew. In addition, we will be working with investify on further developments by the end of the year that will make wealth accumulation even more pleasant for our customers.“

Andreas Falger
Head of Private Banking at IBB AG

In the course of the realignment of its private banking activities that began in 2019, IBB has placed a strategic focus on the implementation of modern and sustainable asset management. In doing so, the bank has succeeded in winning over an asset management team with many years of experience for the realisation of this new path.

„History has shown that the capital markets have rewarded long-term investors. In order to remain disciplined, especially in difficult times such as we are currently experiencing again in the wake of the Corona crisis, an investment framework set out together with the client is necessary. The client knows the goal. We know the way. This creates a partnership that ultimately also provides the necessary security. And this philosophy, which shapes and accompanies us as IBB in the support of our clients on a daily basis, is something we have also found in our partnership work with investify,” says Andreas Falger.

At investify TECH, we are convinced that partnerships and value-creation structures such as these will become increasingly important in the age of increasing regulation and digitalisation in the financial industry:

„Our B2B partners benefit from platform effects in various dimensions, such as the continuous development of functions and automatic adjustments to current regulatory requirements. The cooperation with IBB is a prime example of how banks and technology companies can jointly enrich the market and create strong customer benefits.“

Dr. Harald Brock
Executive Manager at investify S.A.