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Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee expands cooperation with investify TECH

Published: 05.11.2021 | By investify

Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG is expanding its range of services on the basis of the investify TECH platform. In the future, the bank will also offer a Robo Advisor that uses digitalisation technology to offer professional IBB AG asset management to new customer groups.

Expansion of the product portfolio

Already since last year, Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee AG has relied on investify TECH’s iP3 platform for its asset management in the private banking sector. With the launch of its own Robo Advisor this month, the bank is now offering yet another innovative service component via the platform. The Robo Advisor is called IBB Jiminy.

Andreas Falger, Head of Private Banking, explains: “Our collaboration with investify TECH shows how simple digitalisation and efficiency can be when you build on a platform that covers the entire range of services in the securities business. Our Robo Advisor “IBB Jiminy” now enables us, as a bank, to very easily attract new customers without increasing personnel or material costs. In addition, based on our experience and the platform approach, implementing the Robo Advisor was as easy as it gets. That kind of efficiency is what many banks dream of.”

A smart way of attracting new customer groups

The Robo Advisor now also allows end customers to take advantage of IBB’s excellent asset management competence without personal advice and millions in assets. This can make it considerably easier to start one’s own professional investments or a qualitative and diversified asset accumulation.

Ansgar Wigger, one of the managing directors at investify TECH, explains: “We are absolutely convinced that banks and asset managers are only able to achieve growth, digitalisation and efficiency if they use a one-stop shop for all their needs, starting with the onboarding process and daily asset management all the way to reporting. The IBB, as part of the renowned German Würth Group, recognised this early on. As the financial world becomes increasingly digitalised and regulated, a system with too many interfaces and providers will no longer be effective.”

Further joint expansion is planned

The IBB AG and investify TECH are already working together to develop new solutions and features that not only make banking more convenient for the bank’s customers, but also simplify the digital business process for the bank.

The aim is to create significant added value in customer orientation and service. One aspect, for example, is improved end customer reporting for the entire securities business. Until now, investify TECH has already been in charge of creating the reports in the asset management segment. It is now planned to offer this quality to additional target groups in the future.

Dr Harald Brock, also a managing director at investify TECH, points out: “Unlike other providers, we offer not only digital competence but also regulatory solutions – regardless of the distribution channel. Our partners can nearly fully do away with their back office and rely on us take care of this instead. This creates incredible opportunities for efficiency and innovation for banks and asset managers. We very much look forward to creating exciting and future-oriented solutions together with and for the IBB AG.”