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investify TECH and SozialBank develop solution for non-profit organisations

Published: 13.04.2021 | By investify

SozialBank and investify TECH have set up an innovative asset management service that covers the special needs and legal requirements of foundations and non-profit organisations when it comes to investing money. With the asset management, the bank can provide a sustainable offer to small and large organisations alike.

In times of punitive interest rates and the threat of inflation, the investment of funds by non-profit organisations is becoming particularly important. Even in the current difficult market environment, the available financial resources and surpluses must be used to achieve goals that benefit society in the long term. “We are proud that we have been able to develop an innovative asset management service for non- profit organisations in the current market environment that can create real added value,” says Dr Harald Brock, one of the managing directors of investify TECH. Together with the SozialBank, investify TECH has developed a solution that meets the special requirements with regard to:

  • Realisation of purpose
  • Performance
  • Risk management
  • Sustainability and
  • Compliance

which are particularly important for foundations and non- profit organisations. Brock continues: “What we have created together with SozialBank is unique in the market. This also applies to the processes and client reporting – everything is geared to the specific needs of the target group and to generating sustainable social benefit.”

Ansgar Wigger, also managing director at investify TECH and responsible for product development, describes another important aspect of the project: “Especially in times of growing cost pressure, it is important that an asset management is also efficient in the background. Therefore, all processes of the new asset management that would normally burden the bank or the asset manager are outsourced to investify TECH. SozialBanks’s asset management is therefore not only particularly client-oriented, but also smart in its processing. Specifically, SozialBank does not need any additional staff to operate the new asset management. The entry level for investments has also been reduced thanks to state-of-the-art technology. We are thus helping the bank to enable small and large organisations to invest their money well and sustainably. The advisors are also optimally supported in providing personal advice through simulations and simple processes.”The cooperation with the SozialBank is strong proof that digitalisation alone is no longer enough today. Rather, solutions that can also reduce the regulatory costs of a bank or an asset manager and remain permanently in tune with the times due to the platform approach are becoming more and more sought after.

The cooperation with the SozialBank is strong proof that digitization alone is no longer enough today. Instead, solutions that can also reduce a bank’s or asset manager’s regulatory costs and, thanks to the platform approach, remain permanently in tune with the times are increasingly gaining acceptance.

About the SozialBank

SozialBank is the only credit institution in Germany that focuses exclusively on institutional clients from the social and health economy. With total assets of € 9.5 billion (31.12.2020), it offers all the services of a universal bank to companies and organisations from the sectors of care for the elderly, health care, assistance for the disabled, etc. The focus is on non-profit customers. Its advisory services combine banking and socio-economic expertise. Services tailored to the social economy round off the range of services. Further information: www.sozialbank.de