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investify TECH builds for DJE Kapital AG fully digitalised fund asset management

Published: 07.08.2023 | By investify

Based on the investify TECH platform, DJE Kapital AG will in future offer intermediaries of different sizes and orientations a fully digitalised fund asset management service that can be sold as part of a personal advisory approach. Existing clients will also benefit from the new technical possibilities.

DJE Kapital AG is one of the first bank-independent asset management companies in Germany and has almost 50 years of capital market experience. Based on a successful track record of many years in asset management, DJE brings both high-performance portfolio management and sales support to the platform.

The Luxembourg/German technology and regulatory provider investify TECH acts as the technology and processing partner of the fund asset management in the cooperation. The platform developed by investify TECH not only efficiently provides all relevant (back-office) processes for DJE in the context of fund asset management, but also simplifies sales and the onboarding of new clients for the affiliated sales units through lean processes and appealing front-ends for advisors and end clients. Ebase is connected to the platform as a custodian bank.

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Thorsten Schrieber, member of the board at DJE and responsible for sales, marketing and PR: “We are delighted to have gained an excellent partner in the industry with investify TECH. Both companies stand for innovation. With our joint expertise, we will deliver efficient and forward-looking solutions for our partners.”

Dr Harald Brock, one of the managing directors of investify TECH, continues: “The cooperation with DJE shows what modern, competence-based value creation in asset management can look like. What is particularly noteworthy is that we are significantly reducing the burden on DJE despite the growing regulatory requirements and are also creating a solution from which advisors and end clients benefit equally. The fact that DJE, as a leading German asset manager and wealth manager, has opted for our technology and regulatory platform is proof of how mature and useful our solutions are in an increasingly regulated and digitalised world.”

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The fund asset management offers a provider-independent selection of target funds, managed by the experienced fund of funds managers at DJE. In addition to actively managed target funds, the addition of low-cost ETFs is also possible. Furthermore, a broad diversification across countries, regions and sectors as well as various maximum quotas for the share of equity funds are possible. The platform thus offers end customers proven asset management concepts from professionals: DJE has over 20 years of experience in fund asset management, and the fund-of-funds managers at DJE currently manage around 850 million euros. Clients can use the asset management service from as little as 10,000 euros and as a savings plan with as little as 50 euros per month – and in keeping with the times, they can also use the app.

Ansgar Wigger, also Managing Director of investify TECH: “Our business model does not only include the provision of modern technological and regulatory solutions. With our Smooth TECH approach, we also ensure through modern white label and implementation tools that our platform solution can be implemented quickly and easily at our partners. This reliability is unique in the market and sets us apart. The same applies to the end customer side – here, too, everything has to be smooth or simple these days in order to make asset management exciting.

Thanks to the consistently digitalised asset management, advisors can concentrate fully on their core competence of advice and sales, while the two partners DJE and investify TECH cover all process stages with the new platform. They range from asset management and sales support to MiFID-compliant risk profiling and onboarding, simulation and analysis tools for clients and advisors as well as custodian bank connections to comprehensive reporting in the client and advisor portal including app. All regulatory obligations are fulfilled; documents required for marketing, fund manager comments and product presentations are made available on the platform.

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Florian Barber, Head of Sales at DJE: “For us, this is an important strategic step in order to competitively rework our fund asset management, which has proven itself over many years, but also to meet the growing demands of distribution partners for innovative and legally compliant solutions. With this step, we continue to see ourselves not only as a product provider, but also as a full service provider for every need. Whether asset management in the online variant, individually or via funds, white label funds, special funds, public funds: with our wealth of experience in these services, we are the leader among owner-managed boutiques in the German-speaking region.”

The market launch of the platform is planned for early 2024.

“Why invest in TECH?” – A comment from Thorsten Schrieber (DJE board member)

About the Dr. Jens Ehrhardt Group:

DJE Kapital AG is part of the DJE Group and has been active in the capital market as an independent asset manager since 1974. The company, based in Pullach near Munich, currently manages over €16.1 billion (as of 31 March 2023) in the areas of individual asset management, institutional asset management and mutual funds with around 200 employees (including around 25 fund managers and analysts). In addition, DJE has been offering Solidvest, a single stock-based online asset management service, as a digital solution within the framework of actively managed portfolios since 2017. The online concept is based on DJE’s broad expertise in asset management and investment strategy – and enables a diversified portfolio according to an individual risk-return profile with a personal focus on equities. The Chairman of the Board of Directors is Dr. Jens Ehrhardt, his deputy is Dr. Jan Ehrhardt. The core of the investment process and all investment decisions is the FMM method (fundamental, monetary, market), which is based on the in-house, independent re-search. DJE follows sustainability criteria when selecting securities, takes into account selected sustainable development goals, avoids or reduces adverse sustainability impacts and is a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment. DJE aims to provide its clients with far-sighted capital market expertise in all market phases.