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investify TECH sets up asset management for largest sustainability bank in Europe

Published: 04.10.2021 | By investify

Triodos Bank and investify TECH have established an innovative asset management that meets particularly high sustainability requirements. This concerns both the portfolios and products as well as transparency and thus impacts reporting. With the Triodos Impact Portfolio, the bank with its roots in the Netherlands can now position itself even more strongly in the securities business and thus offer experienced and inexperienced securities customers alike an attractive sustainable offering.

Serious and transparent sustainable investment is becoming increasingly important for individuals and institutions across Europe. The speed at which this is taking place is impressive. Dr. Harald Brock, one of the managing directors of investify TECH, elaborates: “We are proud that we can now set new standards in sustainable investment with Triodos Bank. The result is an asset management company that stands out in the market due to its sustainable seriousness, both technically and in terms of content. Triodos Bank chose us because we are particularly good at conveying the bank’s special DNA, from onboarding, daily doing and portfolio management to reporting. The fact that the industry leader is working with us is not only a nice testament to how mature our platform is, but also to how advanced our sustainability capabilities are.” As with all investify TECH clients, the innovative one-stop iP3 platform serves as the technical and regulatory basis.

Markus Klusemann, Head of Private Clients at Triodos Bank, explains: “The Triodos Impact Portfolio is the first digital asset management in Germany to integrate a microfinance fund and is based entirely on funds that meet the Article 9 standard of the EU Transparency Directive. Only Article 9 impact investments aim to have a demonstrably positive impact, for example on the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), and report on this. In future, investors will be able to keep an eye not only on their returns but also on the social and ecological impact of their investments via the app and web application provided by investify TECH in the white label, with a unique impact reporting system specially implemented for Triodos Bank. The positive impact that distinguishes Triodos’ asset management from many other offers on the market also results from the bank’s extensive commitment. In doing so, companies are directly moved towards even more sustainable business decisions through influence and active dialogue as well as the exercise of voting rights.”

Ansgar Wigger, also Managing Director at investify TECH and responsible for product development, continues: “Triodos Bank’s asset management showcases our approach very nicely: each partner can focus on his core competencies. Triodos takes care of sales, sustainable research, asset management and customer service. As a technology and regulatory provider, we attend to the rest. Thanks to our approach, Triodos can completely dispense with a back office. The solution is therefore maximally efficient and cost-saving for the bank. Due to our platform approach, the solution is also continuously evolving  without tying up precious IT or staff capacities in the bank. One could say that not only the product is sustainable, but also the technical and regulatory platform approach that the bank has implemented with us.

The cooperation with Triodos Bank is strong proof that digitalisation alone no longer suffices today. Instead, solutions that can also reduce the regulatory costs of a bank or asset manager and that remain permanently in tune with the times thanks to the platform approach are becoming increasingly popular. investify TECH aims to convey the special DNA of its B2B partners in the digitalisation process at all times and to create products that stand out in the market and create competitive advantages.”

About Triodos Bank N.V.

Triodos Bank N.V. (www.triodos.de) is Europe’s leading sustainability bank. Founded in 1980, it now has over 740,000 customers who can rely on Triodos Bank to finance only companies, institutions and projects that contribute to the well-being of people and the environment. They come, for example, from the fields of renewable energies, organic farming, education, care for the elderly and sustainable real estate. Triodos Bank, Triodos Investment Management and Triodos Private Banking have a combined business volume of 22.7 billion euros. Triodos Bank employs 1,668 people in five countries in Europe: the Netherlands, Belgium, the UK, Spain and Germany. Triodos Bank is one of the founders of the Global Alliance for Banking on Values (www.gabv.org), an international network of 60 leading sustainability banks.

In 2020, Triodos Bank was named test winner in the category “ESG Fund Offer” by the trade magazine Euro am Sonntag and was voted “Best Sustainable Bank” for the fourth time by its customers on the BankingCheck.de portal.