New managing director and new location

Published: 18.03.2019 | By investify

Dr Harald Brock (35) has been the new managing director of the digital asset manager investify since March 2019. Brock comes from the savings bank camp, where he was previously responsible for the areas of sales management, marketing and digitalisation as a director. In addition to his work at the savings bank, Brock has attracted attention with various publications on the topic of “digitisation of banks”. He also built one of the first coworking spaces in the banking sector.

Brock joins the two new managing directors appointed in 2018, Norman Volmer and Ansgar Wigger. The investify management quartet is completed by founder Christian Kratz.

There was also a personnel change at the top of investify’s Board of Directors. The new chairman is Bernd Jünemann, Head of Finance at the Archdiocese of Berlin.

We want to make investify the leading technology provider for digital investment with a strong foothold in the ethical-sustainable investment segment.

Bernd Jünemann
Board of Directors investify (Chairman), Finance Director Archdiocese of Berlin

In addition to the new personnel, investify also has new premises. The Luxembourg-based FinTech moved its German branch from Aachen to Cologne and moved into its new offices in the Technology Park at the beginning of March.