Successfully positioned as a problem solver – further growth secured

Published: 21.01.2021 | By investify

Successful move into the B2B market

Over the past few months, investify TECH has proven that there is another way in the field of asset management and fund sales, with innovative white label solutions. “With our technology and regulatory platform, we were able to successfully position ourselves as a problem solver in the B2B market,” says Ansgar Wigger, one of the managing directors of investify TECH. Wigger continues: “Our combination of fintech and regtech has always been the key to our success. Software on its own is no longer of interest to many B2B players, as it is only one of several pieces of the puzzle in solving the challenges they face. We achieved that even small and medium-sized banks, asset managers, etc. are no longer excessively burdened by regulations and are able to focus on sales again.” Norman Volmer, another managing director in charge of technology, explains: “It is particularly important to our B2B customers that they do not have to worry about further development – we handle that. In 2021 there will be a strong focus on ESG criteria and sustainability aspects. We are currently implementing many exciting client projects, which are interesting to a large number of companies.”

Significant increase in the number of B2B customers and the scope of services

“When it comes to implementing pioneering (hybrid) end-to-end investment solutions that also directly minimize regulatory requirements, we are now the only game in town – we were able to conclude a lot of new cooperations over the last months,” says Dr. Harald Brock, another managing director.
investify TECH’s B2B customers include amongst others:

  • Sopra Financial Technology (international technology provider, e.g. for the Sparda banking group)
  • Internationales Bankhaus Bodensee (company in the Würth Group)
  • SozialBank (specialist bank for organizations in the fields of healthcare, social affairs, and education)

Brock continues: “It is particularly great to see that we have been able to significantly expand our scope of services. For example, we have developed solutions that enable personal securities advice in the private banking sector or in the retail segment – with a hybrid approach, of course.

Financing and government funding for further growth received

investify TECH intends to accelerate its growth and further expands its scope of services, as Christian Kratz, founder and managing director of investify, emphasizes: “In December 2020, we successfully raised a further € 4.8 million to achieve this. investify’s post-money valuation rose to around € 20 million as a result of this financing round.” With the new financing, investify wants to gain ground in Luxembourg in addition to the German market. In parallel to the financing, investify was able to secure funding of € 800,000 as part of an innovation advancement programme by the Luxembourg Ministry of the Economy.

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