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HAC VermögensManagement launches digitalised asset management

Published: 20.07.2023 | By investify

With the “HAC Geldanlage-Butler”, the Hamburg-based HAC Vermögensmanagement AG launches its digitalised asset management based on the investify TECH platform. As a medium-sized, owner-managed institution, HAC has been successful on the market for almost 30 years.

“Digitalisation enables us to offer our clients a new dimension of investment. With investify TECH, we were able to create a solution that combines technical innovation with our almost 30 years of expertise in wealth management,” explains Michael Arpe, CEO and founder of HAC VermögensManagement AG. “At a time when investing means stress and uncertainty for many, we see it as our task to be a reliable partner for our customers. It has been proven that dialogue with a contact person increases personal returns by helping to alleviate worries or excessive expectations. This is also in line with our experience over the past almost 30 years. A classic robo-advisor, which then leaves the investor alone with his questions and decisions, was therefore out of the question for us.”

Combination of human care and digital infrastructure

Therefore, HAC focuses on hybrid asset management – “the combination of human care by trained asset managers and highly efficient digital infrastructure is, in our opinion, the future of personal asset management,” says Arpe. “Today, investing must be transparent, cost-efficient and effective. Therefore, it was a logical step for us to expand our services into the digital space to ensure a high level of transparency and efficiency.”

Intuitive platform

The HAC Butler was created on the basis of the proven investify TECH platform. “It is an exciting process every time to enrich our technology and regulatory platform with the DNA of a cooperation partner. Our partners and therefore the design of the portfolios, the look and feel of the asset management and the values are unique every time – this is exactly what has to be taken into account in a digitalised world,” says Dr Harald Brock, one of the managing directors of investify TECH. “We wanted to make investing as easy and convenient as possible for our clients without sacrificing personal advice,” Tobias Gabriel, project manager and asset manager at HAC, continues. “In investify TECH, we have found a partner who shares our vision. They not only understood our requirements, but implemented them with enthusiasm and efficiency. The result is a product that is sustainable in the sense of our customers.”

Fast implementation

Gabriel continues: “The project was completely atypical of any IT-related project we have ever had. This manifested itself in the fact that we were able to complete ‘the machine’ ahead of schedule. The close cooperation and open exchange with investify TECH were crucial for this great success. We managed to develop an asset management solution that is not only technically advanced, but also closely linked to our DNA and values as asset managers.” At investify, the ability to implement the platform quickly and also operate it afterwards with maximum ease and efficiency is referred to as Smooth TECH. The Smooth TECH approach is one of the important differentiators for investify in the market. This means that the technology and regulatory platform can be used by small and large banks and asset managers alike – without compromising on the scope of services.

Digitalisation lowers costs and increases customer benefits

“Traditional asset managers are facing a variety of challenges these days,” explains investify TECH Managing Director Dr Harald Brock. “They are most successful when they focus on their core competencies – asset management, client service and sales. Digitisation allows for streamlining and also the cost-efficient acquisition of new client groups. On top of that, we can minimise costs and head monopolies by outsourcing regulatory processes.” Hybrid wealth management as a combination of personal advice and digital offerings provides investors with an enhanced banking experience and a modern perception of the wealth manager. Brock: “With our leading wealth management platform, we can combine the advantages of the platform approach (low costs, fast implementation, legally compliant solutions, ongoing adjustments) with deep customisation and adaptation to the wealth manager’s wishes and DNA.”

About HAC:

HAC VermögensManagement AG, founded in 1996, has set itself the goal of simplifying investment in Germany. As a professional asset management company with Hanseatic roots, it manages around 300 million euros and combines almost 30 years of expertise with the modern possibilities of digitalisation. With its HAC-Quant funds, HAC is already a renowned player in the German market for asset management funds. In addition, the company offers real estate services and is a premium partner of ImmobilienScout24.de in this area, among others.

Through close cooperation with investify TECH, the company has succeeded in developing a unique digital asset management service that combines the efficiency of technology with the quality of human advice. HAC has remained true to its basic idea of community since its founding in 1996: HAC sees itself as part of a strong community based on shared values and long-term trust. Special emphasis is placed on making investing feel relaxed for clients, not only through sound asset management, but also through personal proximity.